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Children of the Kalahari


A stunning sunset

another beautiful sunset shot

The Eye of the Kuruman

It was a nice drive through the desert and we stopped in a place called Hotazel, just because it was a great photo-op and a good place to have lunch. As the sun reached the horizon we stopped again to have sundowners and watch what was the most beautiful sunset of the trip.We arrived at Kuruman and once again set up camp in the dark. It was nice to finally be able to sleep through the night without waking up in a fit of shivers. On the way out of the Kalahari we had realized that Rupert's head lights were not working so the next morning we had to try to find somewhere to get them fixed. While we were waiting for the car to be repaired we took a short drive to the infamous eye of the Kuruman. Chris had been going on and on about it and we figured we should check it out. Basically the eye of the Kuruman is supposed to be the worlds largest natural spring, just looked like a big pond to me. None of us were to impressed, but we had a good laugh. They managed to fixed the lights on Chris's car and as he was pulling out to leave he backed into a poll and shattered his rear window, and the wodden spoon award was born (an award that is given to the biggest toss of the day to wear around his or her neck for all to see). Chris then had to find a window repair shop to get his window fixed. We eventually got everything sorted and headed out of town (after narrowly escaping being blocked in by a massive strike in the streets of Kuruman). We were planing on driving as far as we could and stopping somewhere in Johannesburg for the night and then picking up in the morning and finishing the drive to Mapungubwe. We stopped when we were nearly in Jo-berg and collectively decided to break the back of the trip and drive through the night to Mapungubwe. We went to the nearest BP (quick mart) and loaded up on chocolate and caffine. This actually turned out to be one of my favorite drives of the trip. Jess and I were so loaded with caffine and sugar, we danced and sang at the top of out lungs most of the way, with interludes of deep conversation. Jacobus attempted to sleep in the back seat, but I think he found it hard over the laughter of us girls and Usher blasting. We ended up driving about 1500 km in one day and arrived at our next destination at 3:00am. We were so exhausted after the drive we didn't bother to set up camp. Everyone just rolled out of the cars and fell asleep where ever they landed.

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