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Sunrise on Yellowstone River

Bison out early



Falls at Yellowstone Canyon

So much beauty


Cameras just can't capture all the beauty

We went horseback riding at Canyon Coral

This was Ryan and David's first ride

Paint pods

So many colors


More geysers

People waiting for Old Faithful

Old Faithful

Add to the animal list

Our evening stop at the Lake

Water temperature feels like the ocean, cold

Plane spraying fire retardant

To quote Ryan today, he said that Yellowstone was paradise! I have to agree with him. First thing this morning we saw a mule dear and a bison. The sun coming up around Yellowstone Lake was beautiful. After eating we headed toward Canyon Falls because we were going horseback riding at noon.

We stopped at several geyser sights. Each one is unique.

We explored The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone a little. As Ryan said, "Paradise!" Then we went horseback riding. I felt like I was out riding the range in the West, so much fun. They did not allow cameras. This was Ryan and David's first time riding a horse.

Ryan wanted to see Old Faithful so we went there next. Old Faithful is a teaser. As you sit there among a hundred people, just waiting, it would steam up, and you would think, here it goes but it would die back down. I must have started videoing 5 plus times but when it did go, it was awesome!

Driving around Yelllowstone is so beautiful and the terrain is diversified. It seems like a different view around each bend. On our way back, we went by the marina. Not only does this huge lake look like the ocean it has boats the size of those that go in the ocean. Pretty amazing.

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