Northern Lights - Churchill, Canada travel blog

Aurora over the Tundra Lounge

Aurora directly overhead

Aurora to the north

Aurora overhead

Moon rise around 3 a.m.

We're off on the Ididamile

Success!! Last night the sky suddenly cleared and filled with stars and we had a spectacular aurora display. The sky literally danced and pulsed with the beautiful colors of the northern lights. Pictures cannot capture the magnitude of the display but are attached nevertheless. Most were shot between 2 and 3 a.m. and are 15 to 20 second exposures. We slept in quite late, had lunch and then headed out for dog sledding. We learned alot about the dogs, got to visit them in their kennel and then took off on a one mile run on the sled. The dogs loved to run and normally go on 30 mile training runs several days a week. We're suppose to depart by air late tomorrow but there's a blizzard warning for Churchill so we may not be leaving on schedule.

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