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Cordoba and the inovative train-track travel



Giving us a little push


We sat on these benches on the trackes as we zoomed along...


San Cipriano


One of the clearest rivers in the world


These fishes followed Tara in the water



John and Roxana








On our way back to Cali


No idea how that wheel stays on the tracks!

Roxana and Ana dancing with the locals


He's not afraid of falling off the tracks!!





San Cipriano is very different to the Colombia we have been seeing. It's in the middle of the rainforest near Cali and Buenoventura and the train that links the village to the rest of civilization doesn't run very often. Instead, the locals strap motorbikes to wooden trolleys with wheels, and take passengers up and down the rail track (avoiding each other and the occasional train by jumping off the track!)!! It's an incredible way to travel, though we still can't figure out how the wheels stay on the tracks! In San Cipriano itself, we swam in the clearest water we've ever seen, with lots of fish who swam around us, and surrounded by the jungle. We also met some very friendly Colombians and Equadorians, who invited us back to Cali with them.

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