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One of the hills surrounding the campgrounds.

The countryside.

An interesting tree, never did find out the variety.

Green and colored leaves on the trees.

With much of the underbrush gone, the trails were very eroded after...

The mountains in the background.

The original horse barn which now serves as a clubhouse for the...

One of our neighbors. we will he hitting the flea markets so...

Ramona Canyon RV Park has quite a history. It was first a horse camp and then became an RV park. The area was ravaged by fire, most recently, in 2005 and again in 2007. The 2007 fire necessitated evacuation of all the campers as the fire raced toward them from Julian, CA. A restruant and one building at the front of the property was destroyed, but the fire leapt over most of the camping area and burned the hills above and beyond them. In fact, the city of Ramona, 5 miles further East, was shut down for a few days because the fire surrounded them. Blackened trees and barrens rocks gave testimony to the lingering damage. 5 days of staying put was really relaxing. We hiked the hills, sat in the hot tub and cooled off in the pool, and did lots of reading.

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