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I needed to get the motorhome to the tyre place by 8:00am which was a bit of a shock to the system. It was a ½ hour drive from here so a very early start. At first I was nervous about leaving the satellite dish set up when I left with the motorhome but people seem to leave all kinds of things like chairs, barbeques, mats, etc so now it doesn’t bother me & is much easier than setting it up every time.

All was good with the motorhome. They checked the front-end but everything was nice & tight. The wheel alignment was out of whack which was causing the wear on the outside of the tyres but fortunately, because I’d been checking the tyres carefully, I’d caught it early. I also asked them to rotate the tyres so everything should be OK & I hope I’ll have a smoother ride.

It took them most of the morning so I walked to the local shopping mall & poked around. Mostly I bought books at an Op Shop which was a silly thing to do because they were heavy but I made it back to the tyre place & although it was cloudy it didn’t even rain today.

After I picked up the motorhome, I did find the marina & caught a glimpse of Lake Superior but it was all very congested & not much parking so I came back to Fort William & had a good look around the Visitor Centre here where they have an excellent movie about the history of the place.

I found out that Lake Superior is the largest body of freshwater (by area) in the world & holds 10% of the world’s surface fresh water. It’s about 250 km north/south & 560 km east/west with a volume of 11.4 quadrillion litres but I’ve no idea how many zeros that is – or how many times Sydney Harbour which seems to be how our lakes are measured.

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