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Wildseed Farms

Yellow Banks Rose

Bluebonnet with a Fence

Butterfly on a bush

Two Butterflies on a vine

Such a beautiful butterfly

Busy Butterfly

Red Corn Poppies are simply beautiful 'en mass'

Five Spots are interesting

Judie 'in the moment'

Poppy Close Up

Poppy row

Peach Poppy

Pots and Plants

Pots, Pots and more Pots

Red Rose bush

Friday Ed had a couple of conference calls so we got a late start to Fredericksburg, about 30 miles west of Johnson City. We had planned to stay there, but all the RV Parks were full.

This is Bluebonnet time of the year as well as other wildflowers. Johnson City was as close as we could stay. Fredericksburg was a German settlement and is quite a downtown shopping area, about 3 blocks of Main Street. We spent a couple of hours looking a local shops before going to Wildseed Farms.

Wildseed Farms is a very colorful place! As the name indicates they produce wildflower seeds. Of course, to get the seed they have to grow the flowers. This is the peak time for all the wildflowers to bloom. They had fields of various varieties of wildflowers. One field had a mowed path that you walk on through the field to get close to the blooming flowers. This gave us lots of opportunity to use our cameras and get lots of pictures. Hundreds of photos for Judie to start looking through to cull to get the best.

They also had the largest collection of pots for sale that we had ever seen. Pots of all colors and sizes consumed several acres of ground and display area. The farm also has a 3000 sq. ft butterfly house that is very well presented, well planted and many varities of butterflies. More pictures.

The wildflowers are really enjoyed by all, and peoople think nothing of pulling off the highway, park the car, and take pictures. Several times we have seen people sitting on the shoulder, going for the perfect picture as traffic whizzes by!

On the way back to the trailer, we stopped at one of the few restaurants in Johnson City. Ate at the place that advertised 'the best Chicken Fried Steaks (almost 3 dozen sold)'. Everyone in the restaurant was eating chicken fried steak, and, it was great!! We haven't had a Chicken Fried Steak in a long time and we were not disappointed.

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