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One of the first sunsets we have seen, just after midnight.

A young eagle, they don't get brown and white until they're 2...

Getting up close and personal

Driving through the village, found this family of 3.

Couldn't resist

Happy go lucky family

Day 67, Saturday, June 30, 2012

There is an old saying in Alaska that has to do with the ratio of men to women and a woman’s chances of landing a man. “The odds are good but the goods are odd. “ Many of those odd goods are in this campground. Last night, the older hillbilly pulled out a gallon jug of wine and started swigging out of the jug. He drank whiskey in between swigs of wine. The guy on the other side of us built a campfire in his little fire ring with enough wood to make a whole tree. He pulled over every log of driftwood that normal people would use to sit on around their fires and put it all in a big pile over his fire ring. He had enough on there to burn until morning. Then he dragged over another log and piled it on. A half hour later, he pulled all those burning, smoldering pieces off onto the ground, went in his trailer and shut the door. Some other guys with a boat pulled sideways into a camp spot blocking half the road and proceeded to fillet their halibut at their campsite dripping fish guts all over and throwing the carcasses into the water on the beach. People are running their ATV’s all up and down the beach, which is not a very long beach. We just sat here shaking our heads. That’s the difference between an RV Park and a public State Park beach.

We have rarely had a completely clear night at sunset but tonight we did. I got out of bed to watch the sunset and took pictures at 11:30 pm of the sunset behind the volcanoes.

This morning while we were sitting at the breakfast table, the older hillbilly (who is from Manhatten) (seriously) was sitting in his usual spot on an ice chest at the open back door of his camper in his jammie bottoms. He proceeds to skim off his jammie pants and put on his overalls right there. All commando, no unders. That’s just too much information about your neighbors.

Our exploring today took us back south a few miles to Anchor Point and the North Fork Road. The road runs inland and up to a great view of the volcanoes and the town. We ended up back at the last RV Park we staying near Homer. We sat in the café having lunch and using their WiFi to post the last couple of days and catch up on a little news. Being on the road really takes us out of the loop when it comes to news. On our way back, we tried to find the road that leads to the little lighthouse on the hill above our campground. We couldn’t find it but we stumbled across a mama moose with her twins. They were very close to us and mama didn’t startle. We were able to sit and watch them for a little while. The babies were jumping and playing and nuzzling mama. They were adorable. There are barely a handful of eagles around today. Is it a coincidence that there are no boats out on the water either? So there aren’t fish bones for them to pick over? Don’t know. The king salmon failed to appear this year which is going to hit the economy very hard up here. Game and Fish have already shut down a lot of fishing and put heavy restrictions on many places. It is seriously impossible to keep up with the fishing regulations here on salmon. Game and Fish have to walk a fine line to allow enough fish to be harvested to feed the people who rely on them but allow enough to go free to spawn to continue future generations of fish. Neither side seems to win.

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