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Overlooking Laguna Beach from the end of Tom and Jerry's street.

The marina

Paddlers in shorts, but the water was cold.

Tom, Jerry, Helen at the marina

Two hikers with one of the valleys in the background.

The streets down the hill.

Another view from the top of the canyon.

Plantlife that caught our fancy.













The time with Tom and Jerry in Laguna Beach was great fun. Lots of good food, friends, laughs, and walks into the neighborhood. Since their home is on top of the hill all walks go up and down, as do the streets. Actually driving the streets is an exercise in courage...will the other car stop or not, with a car parked on both sides of the street do we fit, which gear is required for this hill?? In the evening we watched stunning sunsets from the back deck and then listened for the coyotes as they came up from the canyon bottom, yapping and looking for food, unattended cats or small dogs. We also went to the marina in Laguna Beach, hiked the restoration area, and went to the Pier in Dana Point. From the pictures it is also apparent that the plantlife grabbed our attention.

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