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Riverwalk start or end

You all remember the Alamo, right? I did too - the area around it, the actual fort, and some of the story. I had visited San Antonio in the 90's when I rode with a friend of mine from NY to accompany her and have a vacation. But this time, I could get my passport stamped, even though the mission is not a National Park! The admission is free and parking was only $5 for the whole day, so it can't be beat! I won't bore you with facts about the mission, but those of you who want to read all about it can visit the Alamo Official Website. Personally, I don't understand why the Alamo is not included in the National Historic Park system along with the other 4 missions in the city!

I also revisited the RiverWalk during the daylight hours. Last time, I went there for dinner after dark. That was more romantic (although I wasn't there for romanticism) than a daytime visit. Entrepeneurs offer boat rides along the San Antonio River tributary making up the RiverWalk but I didn't do that. While there are shopping malls at street level and higher, the RiverWalk seems to be made up of restaurants with outdoor seating where applicable. The river is muddier than the mighty Mississip and there is a lot of floating debris. They need to clean the top at least with those nets used to clean leaves out of swimming pools! At night you don't see the dirt and the trees are lit. I'm sorry I seem to be taking away the glamor of the place, but I was not very impressed. The city needs to maintain it if they want it to remain a lure for visitors.

The WNBA website for San Antonio stated that there was a preseason game on 5/6 at home so I went to the ATT Center (new name for their stadium) to get a ticket and check it out. No one was there, so I called the ticket agent number. The girl told me the game is the next day at noon. In a way this was good because I didn't have to cram so much activity in one day.

The weather here is hazy, hot, and humid, like an August day in upstate NY. However, there are threats of tornadoes by late afternoon and evening.

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