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One of the five dogs at our hostel

Kathrin, who we met in Popayan Colombia

Our hostel



The saturday animal market where the locals often buy horses with cows!!






That's a baby on her back!







We often carry roosters on our back!




We bought our locally made hat here at one of the hundred...



The view of our hostel walking back from the market








The beautiful Laguna Caricocha













A pretty bird

He's not moving!

He was not impressed with the camera

Huarmicocha Laguna not to far away by horse


Yanacocha laguna


It took us 17 hours to get to Otavalo (4 hours waiting for the road to Pasto to open - they're working on the landslide there from 2 weeks ago and only open the road for short periods every few hours), and the cold weather here was a bit of a shock after Colombia! Our room in 'La Luna' was a lovely treat tho: a really hot shower (with actual hot water!!), a fireplace in our living room (!), and the warmest blankets in our two storey bedroom! Otavalo itself is fascinating and beautiful. It's surrounded by mountains, volcanoes and lakes, and is famous for its markets where the indigenous people sell beautiful weavings and clothes. On Saturday we strolled the indigenous markets (including the lively animal market!) and stocked up on our cold weather clothes. We got beautiful ponchos and jumpers for next to nothing! We ate dinner with Kathrine (a Swiss girl who travelled with us from Popayan) in our living room enjoying the warm flames from our fire. The next day, we all visited the lakes - Tara decided to go by horse and got to see the three Majanda lakes (which are spectacular even in the clouds!), while Da and Kathrine had to settle with just one!

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