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home in Hondo

I traveled over 300 miles from Livingston to Hondo, which is about 42 miles west of San Antonio. The route I took was south on 59 to I-10 West in Houston and then picked up TX 90 W in San Antonio. The speed limit through most of the route was 70 mph but I go between 55-60 mph in the Bounder so as to save gas to use for the generator to give me some AC while on the road. It gets hot about noontime!

In Hondo, there is a park owned by Escapees members, so it is called a co-op. Escapees are invited to stay in someone's lot while they are gone and we pay $12.50 a night plus electric. fair enough, and it's a nice park too!

I got here about 4:30 and started setting up. After I put out the window awnings, the neighbor across the street came over and talked my ear off. but the reason she came over was to advise me not to put out any awnings becasue of a severe storm warning in the area and to tell me that the wind blows hard at night this time of year. I thanked her and put the awnings back in. Sure enough, the wind blew and I heard it even over the AC I had to run because I couldn't keep the windows open. If it rained (and it did), I would have had to get up to close the windows - there's nothing to keep the rain out and no tellig which windows would be safe to leave open.

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