Beautiful river running through the wildlife area...


We spotted a dam but no beavers or any wildlife..

We did see some cool birds ..

There are a lot of ranches in the area...

It was a beautiful drive but we sure didn't see the wildlife...

We did see some beautiful horses we stopped and talked to..

Ya talking to me..:-) Last one!

Today we visited the wildlife area in Colona, Colorado. We drove for miles without seeing much of anything, we had hoped to spot some elk or at least some deer. This area is also listed as a huge birding area, we did spot a few cool swallows. We drove through some beautiful farming areas and saw some beautiful horses. We stopped to talk to them and one of them looked back just like he was asking if we were talking to him. So funny! See last photo in this update.

Billy Creek State Wildlife Area is located in both Montrose and Ouray Counties in Colorado. The State Wildlife Area is approximately 5,393 acres (8.43 sq. miles) and ranges from 6,254 feet to 9,046 feet in elevation. Colona is a very small town that provides some migrant-bird habitat, but the real attraction is its access to the Uncompahgre River. The river supports some lush riparian habitat that attracts a good variety of breeding and migrant bird species, including the Black-throated Gray Warbler. We didn’t have much luck today, but we will go back again later and hope for more sightings. Check back later for more from Colorado.

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