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downtown from Arena - right

downtown from Arena - center

downtown from Arena- left

Toyota Center


Houston after a good shot

2nd half - waiting for rebound

I got my car to Rick's place by 8 AM and sat at their picnic table with campground books, planning my next move. After 1.5 hours, he took me in to show me the problem and what they were going to do about it. He drove me the 5 miles back home so I didn't have to sit there all day. They had to soak the rotors and knuckles in penetrating oil with a vice grip kind of thing for a few hours, then the rotors came off so they could be replaced. I drove the car for almost 112,000 miles with the original rotors in the Northeast, so you know a Honda is a good car!

After I got my car back and paid for 3.6 hours of labor, I went in to Houston. I got there in plenty of time to find a cheap place to park near the Toyota Center, where the Houston Comets were going to play against the Charlotte Sting at 7:30 PM. I walked around the neighborhood and was lucky to find one restaurant and thank goodness it was Italian. I had a liesurely dinner and slow stroll back to the arena, then talked on the phone for over an hour waiting for the doors to open.

Since I didn't get the latest issue of Basketball magazine before the game, I was surprised to find out they now play 4 quarters of 10 minutes instead of 2 halves of 20 minutes, and that the shot clock is now at 24 seconds instead of 30 seconds. It all makes for a faster-paced game and one doesn't need a long attention span between delays in the game!

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