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Our first view of the active volcano from our bus - Da...

The waterfall by the thermal baths (with a happy Tara!)

Thermal baths & mountains :)


The church in the main square

The inside of the church, which has lots of unusual paintings of...




One of the paintings in the church - the story under it...

A pretty square

Da, the heart on the bridge of love!

A river flowing through a very cool canyon

Our quad bike for the afternoon


Da, really enjoying being in a cage over a canyon (honest!!)

Tara being securely strapped in by a little girl so that she...

Ready, steady...



Being caught at the other side

Da liked the quadbike very much!



Fluffy smoking!










A moment to remember




The church at night

Dinner at the fondue restaurant

Baños from above by night (we were at a lookout to see...



Our bikes for the day to see all the impressive waterfalls














Leave her alone for 5 minutes and she gets strapped to the...



Can I get down now??






Our last waterfall of the day - cited as one of the...







That's the bridge we were on down there

The beautiful valley we cycled along

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Fire jogglers at the mirador

We liked Baños lots, and knew we would from the moment we saw the volcano out of the bus window! Sure, it's touristy, but its also stunningly beautiful and has VERY hot hot spring pools at the base of a waterfall (which we went to every day we were here!). As well as bathing in hot springs, we rented a quad bike for an afternoon's exploring, spent lots of time looking at the volcano (which Da nicknamed 'fluffy'!) from different view points (no lava, reassuringly, just lots of smoke!), and spent a day cycling the waterfall route to visit lots of waterfalls(!), zip back and forth across the valley in little cages, and throw ourselves off bridges on rope swings (ok, Da didn't do that bit, but Tara loved it!).

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