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Rocks in distance - Colorado

Oregon Trail Crossing near Guernsey, Wyoming

Snake Warning Sign at Fort Laramie Historic Site, Wyoming

Snake - one minute later

David drinking from bubbler - banned as a child - can do...

Oldest standing building in Wyoming - Fort Laramie "Bachelor Officers' Quarters" -...

Pony Express details, Fort Laramie historical site, Wyoming

Wildlife at Fort Laramie Historical Site, Wyoming

Fort Laramie bridge built 1875/76 at a cost of $15,000 over North...

The road to Lusk, Wyoming

Wednesday 22nd May 2013

Denver, Colorado to Lusk, Wyoming (314miles/506km)

We slept till about 7am in our new time zone here in Denver and had a beautiful breakfast, repacked our bags and then set off to the north from near Denver at about 11:15am. The day was crystal clear and warm with a bit of a breeze. We drove across the border into Wyoming after about an hour and continued through amazingly empty country, beautiful mountains and grasslands all around us, mainly not large towns. Stunning landscapes. We stopped for a break in a park in quite a run-down little town called Wheatland and then continued on towards Fort Laramie, which we reached at 4:30pm, just as they were shutting the visitor centre. The extensive grounds set near the junction of the Laramie and North Platte Rivers remain open from sunrise to sunset so we explored for about two hours. Each building had an information sign and so we were able to understand what we were seeing. We noticed a sign that had a picture of a rattlesnake on it and within minutes we had seen a snake, not a rattler, but just a small snake. It still gave us a start though. The fort is on the site where in pioneer days, people and wagons used to come through to head onto the various trails on their way to settle the west in America. Some of the buildings are in ruins and others had been restored in quite an exquisite manner with an amazing amount of old furniture, clothes, uniforms and associated paraphernalia to do with an army post that existed for over 50 years in various forms. We left there and drove on to Lusk, a small town in Eastern Wyoming, where we stayed the night in a motel. We went out to dinner in a very pleasant homely sort of restaurant. The day had by this time turned cold, sprinkly rain and with a cold gusty wind with temperatures of only about 6C; it was so cold it felt like it could even snow, but it didn’t ---- yet!

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