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setup at Rainbow's End

I left Slidell just after 9:30 this morning and arrived at the Escapees park in Livingston, TX about 5:45 PM. Again, I went farther than I should plan for because it takes so long to get from point A to point B! I stopped for 45 minutes for lunch and then another 15 minutes around 4 PM for gas. I felt I needed to get to this park today and I didn't see another alternative after I got off of I-10 around 3:30.

Also, since I have now left the Gulf Coast area, the only way for me to show the whole route from Florida to CA and back in 2006, I need to put the US map on the home page. You can get a closer view by picking any of the maps listed on the home page that you wish to see. I still wish I could have the lines show the routes I traveled instead of having it draw straight lines between locations. I'm not flying like a crow, people!

The speed limit on I-10 is 70 most of the time, but I do between 55 and 60 to get the best gas mileage I can. I find I need to run the generator to use the AC in the MH while driving and that affects the gas mileage too. I put that off until after my lunch break, at least right now. I expect it will get a lot hotter sooner as I continue my westward adventure.

My windshield got hit many times with lovebugs (appropriately named - almost always see them in pairs in midair!). After I got parked, I had to wash them off the entire front of the MH before dark! I sure am glad I waxed the coach and used Rain-X on the windows! I use a sponge with scrub side for most of them. I started with the wettened dryer sheet, but I don't want the chemical in that to take off the wax too soon! I am not making any scratches (that I can see or feel, anyway!) on the surface, so I think that's safe enough.

I only got a little lost at the end of the trip today. My directions said to turn left onto 146 and go 1.6 miles to the park. After 5 miles, I was at the main intersection of Livingston and was surprised I didn't see the park. I called and found out I was supposed to turn right and go 1.6 miles. It was easy to go around the block to come back, so I have no exciting dead-end story for you!

Routes traveled today - US 11 N, I-12W, I-10W to Beaumont, TX, US 69N, TX 105W, US 59N, CR 1988E, TX 146N. Looking at the map tonight, I see that instead of following their directions and then my alternate directions to avoid Houston, I could have taken 105 to 146N and saved two sides of a triangle! I didn't read their directions after 59N to see that I eventually needed to get on 146. Live and learn!

I will be here for a few days and will write other entries as I visit some places and do a couple of things.

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