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Ajo mountain peak from downtown Ajo, AZ.

The Plaza in Ajo.

Another view of the plaza.

A Catholic Church from the 1700's.

An artist's studio with a desert lizard theme. One of his media...

These cement trees are also his creation.

A desertscape from the Ajo Loop.

This saguaro is attempting to live forever.

Helen by an organ pipe.

Contrast in light and dark and texture.

Lois in the shadow of an organ pipe.

We are in a small mining town, Ajo, Az. The last few days this area has received its entire years supply of rain. Some of the low spots were flooded and even today we say water standing in a few places. We were parked on high ground for this rain also. The town is a traditional small Southwestern town with a large plaza, a few shops, and large white churches. We talked with one woman who recently purchased a house and artist studio for her daughter. The studio is shown in the pictures. This woman absolutely loves the desert and all its beauty and invited us back again next year to stay longer in Ajo.

Many of the homes in the historic district are very small and in disrepair. Lots of FOR SALE signs. We didn't make an offer on anything. We did however, see homes on the outskirts that were modest, but well kept with wonderful views and cactus plants and rock instead of trees and green grass.

Sunday found us cheering on the Vikings, only to have a flashback to another game and another team. Now we can stay in the desert and forego finding a bar to watch the Super Bowl.

Today we took the 10 mile Ajo Loop through the desert and saw many, many organ pipe cactuses as well as saguaro. We walked among the cactus plants for a bit and were able to find a large dead organ pipe which donated one arm to us. This loop is a gravel road through BLM lands and we did encoutnter washouts, very rough spots, and some wet sandy areas from the rains. The backdrop of this area is the Ajo mountains, offering much variety of terrain and flora.

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