Rob and Syd's Western Canada and Alaska trip 2012 travel blog

Resurrection Bay on our way out

Humpback whale breeching (our 1st sighting)

Twice in one day, what a treat

Of course, we have to show whale tail

Puffins nesting in the cliffs along the beach

One big sea lion

Let's play king of the rock

Our tour boat, what a day.

Day 74, Saturday, July 7, 2012

First it was off to the store to buy more Dramamine because I can’t find what I have. Figures. Then we took a 3 hour wildlife viewing tour on Major Marine cruises. The boat was the Emerald Sea. It was another gray, gloomy day with some drizzley rain. We could sit inside at nice warm tables with big windows but what’s the fun in that? We stood up on the top deck in the cold wind and rain all bundled up and watched the town recede. We saw a few more glaciers (really, they are everywhere). Then the boat made a sharp turn and sped up just a tad. There were two humpback whales, a momma and a good size calf, making a whole lot of splash. We were still about a half mile away but we could see her breeching, jumping, and turning and flipping. She must have breeched ten times. It was awesome. We have never been able to see that before in all the times we have seen whales. By the time we got closer, she had stopped all that but we could still watch them feeding. There was a fishing boat right there that had a ringside seat the whole time. They even stopped fishing to watch and take pictures. There are barrier islands at the mouth of the Bay that help keep Seward protected from storms. As we passed by one of them, we saw thousands of seabirds with nests on the rocky cliffs and puffins floating in the water. On the shoreline, piled up on big rocks, were about 50 sea lions. They are endangered here with about 80 % of their population disappearing since the 1970’s. Researchers have no idea why. Up on the cliff above them was one solitary mountain goat. We passed one bald eagle nest and saw several eagles sitting up the trees. Then one bald eagle flew by the boat and snatched a fish out of the water and carried it off to shore for lunch. We saw nothing else on the way back to the harbor. I was really cold and had trouble getting warm back inside our bus even under my blanket with the heater right on me. We made pizza for dinner. Tomorrow, we start heading north again to circle around to Valdez. We are leaving the Kenai Peninsula behind.

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