The floors and the ceiling are from the original building...




Jerry's chops..

My chicken..



The owner is from MA and fell in love with Crowell...



Phone and address, don't miss this one!!

Last one!

We are having a wonderful time at Copper Breaks State Park. Today we decided to check out one of the tiny towns nearby. We love exploring small towns and hate the big ones. :-)

You never know what you will find. Crowell was a very pleasant surprise. We were just riding around the town taking pictures when we spotted a store that just said “Home” on it. We both wondered what it was until we got close enough to see a menu outside. The restaurant is decorated in the most amazing décor. It’s like going home when you see all the antique furniture, clocks etc.

They also had a great special with your choice of entrée with tea, salad and dessert for only $10. Wowser! I chose the chicken and Jerry chose the pork chops. Everything tasted as if it was just made from scratch. We started with a fresh salad that tasted like it was picked for us from a garden. Then the entrée was served, it was the BEST Chicken Parmesan I have ever tasted and Jerry’s chops were the same. Afterwards, they asked which dessert we wanted, the choices were banana pudding with fresh baked vanilla wafers made from scratch or chocolate cake. I chose chocolate and Jerry chose pudding. Both were incredible and they were served in antique glass dishes that I used to collect. Beautiful and delicious! All of this for $10 each.

We talked to the owners of this unique restaurant and were told he was originally from Massachusetts and his wife was from Crowell. He visited the town and fell in love with it and had to move there. This is how the restaurant got started. She also told us about the Fire Hall Museum nearby, her uncle was there for the day and graciously allowed us to visit both floors and take tons of pictures. It was one of those special days we will not forget. We highly recommend this friendly town. Do not miss it if you are anywhere in the area. I would even make a special trip for this one.

Check back later for Part 2 of Crowell featuring the Fire Hall Museum.

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