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Our little house! (and a new friend)

And here's our kitchen!

Having lunch in our dining room!

Good thing they told us!

Eating out (for under 3 pounds!)

Our second (warmer!) house in Tafi

Lunch of local products (I think he's happy with the cheese!)

Above the clouds on our way to Cafayate

Cacti (also on our way to Cafayate) - there were literally forests...

We had a beautiful drive here along winding roads through forested hills, and the valley itself was a beautiful relief alter Tucuman! Tafi's really friendly, has great (very cheap!) local food, lots of craft shops, and has the atmosphere of a quiet ski resort. We stayed the first night in a tiny cabana on a campsite with space for a bunkbed, and that's it! We really enjoyed it, despite the slghtly chilly night! Anyone who thought they'd be jealous of us basking in the South American sunshine will be thrilled to hear that it SNOWED yesterday - and it was a Sunday, so we couldn't get to a warmer place (no buses!). We moved to a much warmer home - an outbuilding of a man's house, with our own little kitchen, bedroom and woodburner, and spent a very relaxing day window-shopping and eating the local handmade cheese!

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