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London Eye in background

Wednesday 28 April

Grocery, Traflgar Sq, London Eye, No10 Bus Victoria, Pasta.

Interesting night last night.All woke up at 3.00am ready to play (except Mitch) Jet - lag is a wonderful thing.Amazingly everyone managed to get back to sleep.Off to Sainsburys supermarket next morning to stock up on food.Great little grocery store just around the corner from where we are staying.Beautiful produce with ‘packed on’and ‘use by’dates on everything (comforting after the USA!)Found prices really reasonable.Organic food cheaper than home.Cam gave us a fright and a reality check in supermarket when he fainted (fortunately into Ross’arms) after such a long sleep we hadn’t eaten for about 17 hours so poor kid was running on empty.Quickly back home for best breakfast we’ve had in a while.Cam feeling a lot better but everyone still feeling the effects of air travel across time zones.Never-the-less got out into the beautifully warm spring day and started to explore London.Jumped on the number 453 bus which took us into Trafalgar Square via Regents St,Oxford Circus,Piccadily Circus (boys wondering where clowns were)London looking lovely.More of a French influence than when we were living here.Steet cafes everywhere.Such gorgeous old buildings.Trafalgar Sq was buzzing with people enjoying spring weather.Lots of kids out on school trips.Found a lovely park by the Embankment Bridge to have lunch.Spring flowers beautiful.Walked across foot bridge to South Bank.Had a flight on the London Eye.Great views from the top.Back to Trafalgar Square to jump on the number 11 bus which took us past pretty much all the famous London landmarks ( thank you Annette for that tip!)Back home on the number 88.So lovely to be back in London.Boys loving it too,especially Campbell who’s already coming back to live and work!Excellent somewhere to stay when we come back next time,we wouldn’t cramp his style….much.Home for a delicious pasta and salad.Bed,tired but happy.

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