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So off from Battambang we went.

It was one of the happiets days of my life.

So we take on a four hour 160 klm bus trip over a road so rough I neede kidney belt. After spending another glorious morning with tissue paper stuffed in my ers we got to the border.

After going through the usual rigmoral at border crossings we asrrived in Thailand.

glorious Thailand. we thought we hated it. That was until we went to Cambodia and now we love Thailand. It is so clean (not really but hey) the food is cheap and the 7-11 stores are like fleas ona flea ridden dog-Just Marvelous.

The Thailand 7-11 is what I hoped the Australian seven eleven would always be. Here you can pick up everything from facial scrub to beer at ridiculouly cheap prices all in air conditioned comfort.

We did a tour of the city with our Thai tour guide and went back to the hotel early.

The stomach pains continued and finally we had results of the liquid kind. whilst not pleasant it is a very significant part of your life when you are trapped in the world of the squat toilet.And after four days of stomach pains at least you know your nearing the end of ronald mconalds revenge.

Well the tour ended and it was quite sad to see everyone go.

We went and crashed in Chris's room at a five and a half star hotel last night which was spectacular and definately where I would be staying if we were just on a short trip.

To all the guys on the tour, thanks heaps. You really made it special and we hope all you guys do well. You were all really nice and a pleasure to know.

To everyone else, we really miss you guys. We think homesicknesses is starting to settle in as it has been four weeks. Thank you for all of your emails and messages. They make it better. We will call soon.

Well be good. We are off down south tommorrow and will update in a few days


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