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Wouldn't be the same without a temple!

View from Laos equivalent of Arc De Triomphe

The Capital's Michelin Star Riverside Restaurant

View from room in Vang Vieng of Limestone Karsts

Traditional Laos Village

Finally they made one my size!

Spectacular views from opening of a Cave, Vang Vieng

PADDLE - Craig was the official paddle police

Captain Caveman..! - Especially for Old Leightonians

Stuck between a rock and a hard place

Just beautiful every day

Blue Lagoon, welcome cooling down after a long hike

You know how we like our sunsets.

A cloud

It was really hard alright!

Almost ran into this little fella..well quite big actually

Isn't she lovely

Tadfane Waterfall 150m drop

Craig's 2 most favourite things in the world

WOW. What a fantastic place to visit. Before we arrived I don't think either of us really had any idea of what Laos was all about, another South Asian Country that happenned to be enroute to Vietnam and next to Thailand, so why not pop in.

Our trip started with a 12 hour overnight coach from Bangkok to Vientiane(Capital) where on arrival we just headed to the Mekong Riverfront to find ourselves a nice little guesthouse, run by some crazy Laos lady, but very nice.

The first day was a scorcher so we did all the sights in the town and a couple of temples along the way, which just about did us for the day.

After having spent a day and night in Vientiane we decided that some peace and quiet was required for the next few days, so we headed up to a backpacker haven called Vang Vieng. About 5 hours north of the capital and we HAD arrived. Walking along the high street all I could hear was "i'll be there for you la la la la, I'll be there for you.." and so on, for you Friends fiends you'll know the tune. Everywhere we looked there were TV's in all the bar's showing friends..Tracey's in heaven.!

Anyway enough of the tripping...oh by the way you can get 'Happy' Pizza's in this town, need I say more.

We had the best time here, spent a whole day Kayaking, trekking & exploring caves, managed to capsize the kayak, thankfully we had lifejackets, as it was in some rapids, so off we floated for a while.

The following days were spent just chilling by the river couple more caves and lagoons, temp around 35degrees, so you can imagine the hardship we went through.

Enough of chilling, time to get on the bus again and venture south to a place called Pakse, then off to Tadfane Resort, our little bit of extravagence in Laos, We happen to meet the owner on the way there(we didn't know this at the time) and he raved on about this place, it was $20 per night inc breakkie, so we thought why not. I will let you see the photos to see the stunning location and views, which words just can't describe.

In summary of Laos, we travelled about 2/3rds of the country via bus, both tourist and local, a humbling experience to see how these people live without all the creature comforts we take for granted, but are the happiest and most welcoming of people, everybody wants to say "Saibady(hello) where you come from?"

The countryside is stunning and very diverse from the dusty cities to the desolute highways that connect the towns and villages.

If you ever have the chance, GO TO LAOS.!

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