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Fall colors in Alabama

Manci's Antique Club

Junk football players

The sprinter

The gymnast

USS Alabama

Repaired house along the beach in Gulfport

Old fire station never repaired

Building foundation in Gulfport

Winnie at the Blowfly Inn

Fried green tomatoes

Crawfish Fra Diavlo

It was sunny, windy, and cool along the beach

A little tail on the cycle

Tire scarecrow

US 90 west of Bay St. Louis, MS

Apollo 13 Lunar Lander replica

Today was a sad day. Sue had to put Max down at home. He was diagnosed with a nasal cancer about a month or so ago and it finally got to the point that he was having a hard time breathing and eating. We’ll miss the crazy cat.

We left Alabama and ended up in Iowa today. Not the state, but a town in Louisiana. Our route carried us across the boot heels of Alabama and Mississippi. I tried to stop at Manci’s Antique Club, a DDD spot in Daphne, AL, to pick up a takeout lunch, but it wasn’t open at 1000. I did manage to find a series of sculptures made of drainage pipe, steel, propane tanks, car parts and other junk. There’s 12-ft tall quarterback being tackled by another giant player, a girl on a balance beam, a sprinter and a basketball player shooting a foul shot. They’re all at the US Sports Academy.

We deviated from I10 to follow US90 again today which runs along the Gulf coast. I wanted take a look at the recovery of this area from Katrina. Since it was almost lunch time I decided to stop at another DDD spot in Gulfport, MS and have lunch. Unfortunately I had to suffer through another GPS malfunction that led me on a wild goose chase trying to find the Blow Fly Inn. I wasted about an hour and a half driving around Gulfport, but I finally found the place on one of the back bays. The food was good (see pictures) and the weather was nice enough to sit on the deck.

Most of the towns along the Gulf Coast in Mississippi seem to have done a reasonably good job of recovering from Katrina over the last 6 years. Many of the houses right on the water have been repaired or rebuilt, but there are still quite a few places where there is only a foundation or a set of steps left. You can still see that the destruction went several blocks back from the beach.

We pulled into the Cypress Bend RV Park in the dark after nearly 12 hours on the road. I thought it might be fun to be a long-haul truck driver because I like driving. I’m not so sure. I like driving, but at a leisurely pace. Tomorrow, we’ll cross into Texas which should take us about 3 days to cross.

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