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The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

In Awe

Artist Point, we know who the artist is!

Endless Beauty

Brink of the falls


Lower Falls


Just Beautiful

Ditto on the beauty

Looking for bears

More scenery

"Where the buffalo roam"

Chapel at Mammoth Hot Springs

Mammoth Hot Springs

Mammoth Hot Springs

We wanted to do some of the hikes at the Canyon. I would say this whole big park is beautiful but this part is my favorite. Words nor pictures can capture the beauty here. It is breathtaking. We first hiked to Artist Point. Every step, amazingly beautiful and the colors or rock formations different from the last. We walked down 328 steps to see the falls from a different view, it was well worth coming up 328 steps. The spray from the falls and the sun create a rainbow as you descend.

We drove to the opposite corner of the park, Mammoth Hot Springs. This appears to be where they started developing the park and its' headquarters. Again, something different and beautiful.

Being a southern girl, I never thought about President Grant but his choosing this place to start a National Park system was brilliant.

We had seen numerous bison and all the other animals but I was beginning to think we were not going to see a bear. Wrong, we got to see it just the way I wanted to see it, so far off, we needed binoculars. I brought my dads set for Ryan to use and he loved them. I know that my dad would have loved this place, now it is being viewed through his binoculars and Ryan's eyes.

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