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Termini Station, Piazza Republica, Santa Maria degli Angel e dei Martini, Diocletian Baths, Villa Borghese........

We went to Termini Station to see what we needed to do tomorrow when we leave & to see if we could use the pdf sent to us-which indeed we could. Across Piazza Republica from the station was Santa Maria degli Angel e dei Martini Basilia which was on our list to see. I love it when we happen upon the things we want to see instead of having to use Google Maps to find them. We thought the church would be closed but fortunately it wasn't. Again we were surrounded by beautiful statues, paintings & marble flooring. The paintings in one area were being restored. It was very interesting to see this process. The very large paintings were removed from the wall and placed on a metal scaffolding type thing. Two young ladies were very carefully cleaning and touching up these paintings. I can't imagine the portfolio one must have to have to do such work.

The church was originally part of the Diocletian Baths. Michelangelo helped transform the main hall of the bath into the church. The bath was built by Emperor Diocletian around 300 A.D. The entire Bath area was huge, 30 acres! This was the largest Roman bath. 3,000 Romans could bathe at one time! They were in use until 537 when the city's aquaducts were destroyed by barbarians.

We had a nice walk from the church to Borghese Gardens. This is a lovely park known as the Central Park of Rome. Since it was 4:00 and we hadn't had lunch yet, we each bought a gelato & sat on a park bench to enjoy it. Once we go back to the apartment at 5:00 we had lunch & a siesta!

Since one of our suitcases lost its handle on our way to our lodging from the airport, we had to buy a new one. We found one at a little store just down the street. Let's hope it makes it home. Not exactly what you would call a souvenir! We walked toward Trevi Fountain to find a nice outside eating area. I had Zucca (pasta with pumpkin seeds) in white wine sauce. It was delicious. Jim had pasta with tomatoes & mushrooms. We topped our meal with dessert at the Gelatario/restaurant at Piazza Barbarini & our street. Our desserts were served very elegantly. Jim's apple strudel was served with a scoop of gelato drizzled with chocolate. My panna cotta (a creamy, lemon flavored cake like base topped with a very thin meringue) was also served with a scoop of gelato and a biscotti. It was delicious.

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