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gruesome creature

slain giant

USAF Armament Museum

stealth bomber

Sign for B-47

B47 plane from WWII

about the Desert Storm plane

Desert Storm plane

pilotless plane


Indian Mound Museum

construction along beach

Made it this far!

I find that I need to take my laptop and phone into the nearest big town of Crestview (13 miles away) in order to be able to communicate effectively with you all. South of Crestview is a popular destination for snow birders and spring breakers - Destin. I decided to discover this area.

Eglin AFB takes up a lot of land between Crestview and Ft. Walton Beach (west of Destin) and the only thing to be seen is the Armament Museum, which is free! I've seen other air museums so I took these pictures for those of you interested in planes and bombs and such. I liked the plane with lots of rivets in it,

probably built by women during WWII, and the helicopter

. The plane inside the museum that I pictured here

is pilotless, so that was interesting to me also.

Along the roadside were these two blow-ups.

I never saw anything like these before! They are not balloons, but amusement inflatables. I like the giant (Goliath?) better than the creature! Notice his head wound. I bet David did that!

I was stuck in traffic a couple of times and took pictures while in the car.

Wonder if there is anything more than a small park where the Indian Burial Mounds

are? I never made it to Destin because of stop and go traffic. I stopped at the Visitor's Center just before the bridge to the town and found that I would have been disappointed. Beach access is limited and there are many condos and stores on the main drag of town. I turned around and went back at that point. It wasn't worth it to me to spend another hour on the road to get to the State Park where many RVers I met were looking forward to going to. Besides, it was going on 4 PM and the sun sets here about 7:15. A thunderstorm is predicted, so I have to take down the awning and put away my "screened-in porch"!

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