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A school of surgeon fish off the coast of Seymour Norte

Swallow-tailed gulls


A land iguana hiding

A big male land iguana in his mating colours





A very cute baby blue footed boobie

Tara & the baby boobie saying hi

Tara & the baby boobie listening to the guide

A blue footed boobie parent with baby



A female great frigate bird building her nest


A juvenile frigate bird

Mum and baby preening, and lots of fluffy babies in the background


A male great frigate bird impressing the ladies

Fuffy baby and male frigate birds







A honeymoon couple




Our boat! (the islands are Daphne major & minor)

A pelican marine iguana stand-off (with a crab spactator!)

Tara, a pelican, our boat and the blue blue sea




Snorkelling with sharks!

Sharks sharks everywhere!!

Sealions & fishes

Da, a pelican, a marine iguana and some sally lightfoot crabs!

A sally lightfoot crab

A lava heron blending in with the lava

A pelican ready to show our boat the way home!

We arrived back in Santa Cruz yesterday, and booked a day tour to Seymour Norte to see the boobies and frigate birds close up, and to go snorkling again - and we're really glad we did! The boat was a real treat: comfy matresses to relax in the sun on in front, and free drinks, and lunch with table cloths... all very posh! Our guide was good too, and put up with and answered our many questions (we'd been storing them for 2 weeks!). Seymour Norte was fantastic - we were lucky enough to see lots of land iguanas, as well as baby boobies (very cute!), and LOTS of frigate birds: males displaying to females, new couples, established couples nest-building, babies and adolescents, and even a female choosing and accepting a displaying male. Off the coast of the island, the snorkling was equally incredible: amongst the many fish, we saw manta rays, turtles, and dozens of white tip sharks snoozing on the bottom, and lazily drifting along below us! On the way back, we had a quick stop at a very pretty white sandy beach on the north of Santa Cruz. All in all, it was a wonderful day!

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