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The waterfall on the River aux Sables

An old photo of the 60 metre chute used to get the...

The top of the Seven Sisters rapids

Looking down the Seven Sisters rapids

I’m staying in Chutes Provincial Park which is just north of the little town of Massey.

In the late 1800s, most of this land belonged to the Spanish River Lumber Company & in the spring, the logs were floated down the River aux Sables, which runs through the park, to the Spanish River & on to Lake Huron & the sawmills.

The River aux Sables is full of rapids & falls so there were several log chutes built to move the logs around some of the more dramatic drops in the river to avoid log jams. The chutes are all gone now but they gave their name to the park.

There’s a lovely walk from the campground to the falls (which don’t seem to have a name), then along the river to the Seven Sisters rapids. The campground is very quiet, although I noticed it’s booked out for this weekend, & I didn’t see anyone else on the trail but I still couldn’t find any wildlife except for a couple of squirrels.

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