Rob and Syd's Western Canada and Alaska trip 2012 travel blog

The town of Valdez with fresh snow on the mountain tops

Sydney on the shore with all the other fishermen

Got one on the hook!!!!

Not all we wanted but still a good catch.

Day 78, Wednesday, July 11, 2012

We went into town and bought me a fishing license and a couple of lures and headed out to Allison Point to try my luck. Rob decided not to fish. We got there a couple hours before low tide which is the best time to fish at that spot next to the hatchery. It’s a different kind of fishing because salmon do not feed when they are heading home to spawn so they do not take bait. The idea is to just to snag them with your hook in some part of their body or a fin. There was not too much action today unless you were at the closest point to the hatchery. That’s the prime spot and people don’t give it up. The Prince William Sound is an amazingly beautiful place to just stand and fish though. Looking at the mountains with new snow and clouds hanging below the tops of the mountains. At one point I looked up and there were a hundred eagles circling overhead. Next thing I know they were gone. Sea lions were out there making their rumbling, burping noises and seals went cruising by. I finally caught a fish through his fin. Then some guy came down next to me and caught his limit (6 fish) in about a half hour and left. He had a way better fishing rod than me, plus he knew what he was doing. Another guy gave me a snagging hook specifically for this kind of fishing. I thought I got caught on the bottom and Rob took my pole and tried to break it loose. All of a sudden, a huge fish swam by and my line snapped off. It was a fish all the time and neither one of us felt it. I never saw the fish either. Rob and the girl next to me both said it was really big. The guy that gave me the hook let me reel in a fish on his line. It almost pulled me in the water. Five hours later, we quit with two fish probably close to 10 pounds each. My back aches and my wrists ache. We took the fish into town and had them filleted and I put them in the freezer and ate one for dinner, fresh out of the sea. It was really fun. Tomorrow, we head north somewhere near Chitina. We won’t have internet for a few days.

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