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When I got up, I decided to go to the little restaurant next to the closed-up pool and have a pancake breakfast. They have tables with griddles built in to them! I was given a small pitcher of batter, a can of Pam, and bowls of toppings. There was blueberries, banana slices, strawberries in syrup, chocolate chips, peanut butter chips. There was blueberry and maple syrup too! While they didn't sell tea, I had a large OJ, made in FL of course.

I was going to hike the longer trail but the time got by me - the clocks were set an hour ahead. I had to wait to use the dump station and I did that at the site - I had a good view of it, after all!

I left the park at 2 PM and headed north, using Google's directions. I think they give the best ones - at least they haven't messed me up yet! 301 North to 98 West to I-75 for 51 miles. Then it was 27 North to Alt 27 to 19 N all the way to to I-10. Got on I-10 West for 33 miles (12 miles west of Tallahassee) before getting off and going to Camping World for the night. This trip took me 5.5 hours which was only .5 hours longer than Google said it would take. I didn't do 70 on the interstates - between 60 and 65. I stopped for gas and not much else. Dumb move you say, but I wanted to get to the store before it got dark and didn't mean to get started so late during the day. I could hardly get up outta my seat because of my tailbone that will probably hurt me the rest of my life!

I was the last RV to park in the parking lot for the night, so I got the space that put me on a hill. It took me awhile to unhook the car and somewhat level the home because of it. I drove to the Pilot station to get a sub from Subway for dinner. It was nice that Camping WOrld had electric and water hookups. I only used the electric and watched TV before going to bed.

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