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One of the 5 moose we saw today. A calf crossing the...

Sydney trying her hand at the pancake toss. She didn't even come...

Day 83, Monday, July 16, 2012

I lied. We are still in Alaska. It was raining again when we got up. The news in Anchorage says they had the coldest June on record and temperatures are running 10 degrees below normal. See… I have a good reason for my electric blanket. Even the two female newscasters said they are still using theirs. We only drove about 65 miles today from Slana to Tok. The road runs above the Slana River valley, full of small lakes and trees. We couldn’t see any of the mountains today, tops, middles, or bottoms. We did see a moose out in a meadow and shortly after that we saw two more. Then we saw something out in the middle of the road up ahead and it was another moose with a calf. We decided to stay in Tok, Alaska tonight and move on into Canada tomorrow. It would have been a long stretch to get to where we wanted in one day. So we did some shopping, got groceries, did a load of laundry in our little washer/dryer, and washed the RV and the car. Now I’m resting my hurting back. This time we are staying at the Sourdough RV Park. At 7:00 pm they host a sourdough pancake toss. Everyone takes a turn trying to toss a pancake into a bucket and anyone who makes it gets a free pancake breakfast. (With fresh pancakes, I hope.) I was nowhere close. Rob and one other guy made one in the bucket. Then he plays let’s make a deal and offers to trade breakfast for either what’s in his pocket or under one of 3 buckets. The other winner kept his breakfast. Rob decided to trade for the pocket. The guy pulls out a little container with two moose poops in it. My husband is a dork. I guess he’ll be cooking me pancakes in the morning.

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