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Maori wood carving

Abel Tasman National Park

Abel Tasman National Park

Drove to the north of the South Island to a town called Matueka. Stopped in information to see what our options were to do there and it was pretty much nothing. We could have taken a water taxi tour, but that had just left for the afternoon. Darn.

Only other option was to hike through Abel Tasman National Park just up the road. And you know how much L loves to hike!

NZ is full of opportunities to go "tramping" You can walk for as long as you want from 20 minutes up to 8 or 9 days. The Lonely Planet lists the longer walking paths that range from 16K to 60K. This particular park offered the opportunity for a 3 day hike through its paths.

L reluctantly joined me for the walk: he opted for the shortest one - 40 minutes. Hey, at least it was something.

He even lasted a good half hour before getting bored. So I let him turn around and I kept going. I ended up on a path overlooking a bay of emerald green water, which of course I had to get closer to.

So I hiked the short distance down to the bay. The water was so still and clear it looked like you could walk on it. There was a random toilet that looked like a phone booth in the woods behind the beach. I thought there was no chance this thing would be clean. But on closer inspection it was not only spotless but also had toilet paper! I have been so impressed with the public facilities in this country! Puts America and England to shame!

Speaking of facilities, we found an immaculate campsite in the tiny town which had a TV room. Spent the evening as couch potatoes. Almsot forgot what TV was!

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