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The pretty colonial church in the town centre







Arco Iris - a temple built by the Chimu people










The first artwork we encounter in Chan Chan


Chan Chan was the capital of the Chimu empire


Chan Chan is incredibly huge!







This is the corridor to the entrance of Palacio Tschudi

Palacio Tschudi where one family (Government) lived within Chan Chan

The palace is massive and was where ceremonies was held




They either used this body of water in the middle of the...


Lord Chimu´s tomb

A view of Chan Chan in the distance



This man makes replicas of Moche art and instruments




Huaca del Sol (in the background) - a Moche temple



The bottom of the black rocks was where they found many skeletons...

Beautiful Mochica murals


In Huaca del Luna each stone had a family symbol enscribed onto...







Our very dramatic guide!


This is how the outside of Huaca de la Luna looked before...

And this is how the outside looks today









They are doing their best to restore the temple




They worshiped the Cerro Blanco mountain



Huanchaco beach near Trujillo and the famous horse-reed boat that were used...





Our next stop was to see the famous Paso horses


Da being a Paso horse



A very interesting dance

















Da being a Paso rider - he isn´t doing very well at...



Tara is struggling a bit as well


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Paso horse and local dancer

The number and size of the archeological sites aroung Trujillo is mind-blowing! We were lucky, and bargained our way to seeing as much as we could in a day and a half for very few Soles, including... Arco Iris (Chimu temple with lots of rainbows on the walls - hence the name); Chan Chan (HUGE Chimu city complex, made entirely of adobe, with ten walled citadels which housed ceremonial rooms, burial chambers, temples, reservoirs and some residences - it's really amazing!); Huaca del Sol and Huaca de la Luna (two Moche temples: Huaca del Sol was largely destroyed by the Spanish and by grave robbers, but Huaca de la Luna was incredible - the Moche are an older culture than the Chimu, and these temples are about 1500 years old, yet there are amazingly well-preserved painted murals); the seaside town of Huanchaco with its 'reed horse' fishing boats, a modern sculptor producing Moche-like ceramics, who taught Tara to play a strombus (conch) shell (Da couldn't do it, he he!!); and finally the Peruvian Paso horses - the horse & dancer display was beautiful, but the best bit (for Tara at least!) was having the chance to ride a Paso horse - not as easy as it looks if you're used to riding UK style!!.

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