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Chilkoot Lake outside Haines

One of the few totem poles we've seen

Rainbow glacier outside Haines

Davidson glacier which is next t Rainbow

Haines at sunset (Yes it does get dark here, we've actually had...

A rock garden in Haines

Day 86, Thursday, July 19, 2012

Happy 60th Anniversary to my wonderful parents! Hope you enjoyed your special day.

Last night before we went to bed, we saw a little cruise ship coming around the corner from Skagway all lit up. Then right on its heels was a really big cruise ship lit up like a Christmas tree. It even had a giant video screen up on the top deck. You can see that puppy coming for miles.

When we got up the sunlight reflecting off the water was blinding. We had a beautiful day, clear and blue and warm. Maybe close to 70 degrees? I wore a tshirt today instead of a sweatshirt. We went exploring a little bit. Haines is on a narrow strip of land in between two long, narrow strips of water. There is a road that goes north to the Chilkoot Lake State Park. At the end of the inlet is a short river that flows out of Chilkoot Lake and above the lake is the Chilkoot River. There is a fish weir across the short part of the river to control and count the salmon coming through to the lake to spawn. Total count is over 40,000 from July 3rd. Today about 1,100 fish came through. We looked for bears but none came out today.

Then we went south from town to the Chilkat State Park. That road goes over to the other side of this narrow strip of land we are on to the Chilkat Inlet. We walked out onto an observation deck and our jaws dropped. Across the Inlet is another range of mountains and in view are two glaciers. The one on the left is the Davidson Glacier that looks like a blue white river coming through the mountain down to the water. On the right is the Rainbow Glacier which hangs up on the mountain. Flowing below it is a huge, wide, long waterfall. There is a massive amount of snow and blue ice up there. It was a beautiful place with water and mountains everywhere.

We stopped at a shop in town that was flying the Arizona flag along with the Alaska flag. The lady said the owner/artist just likes our flag and thinks it’s cool. We also passed the Hammer Museum. There is a 25 foot tall hammer in the front yard. He has about 8,000 hammers. We didn’t go in but I hear it’s pretty interesting. I saw the guy on a TV show once.

For dinner, the campground had a potluck. We pay $6.00 and the management gets fresh Dungeness crabs right off the boat and cooks them up. Campers bring the sides. Crab two nights in a row. I’m in heaven.

We drove back out to Chilkoot after dinner to check for bears. None. The lake was glassy and quiet and beautiful. We spotted a seal looking for fish. He eventually headed back down the river. I have no idea how he gets past the fish weir or though the shallow part of the river back to the sea but apparently he does. Now we are sitting on the couch watching more cruise ships heading out to sea from Skagway. We’ve seen three big ones come out so far.

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