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Campsite at Big Meadows CG in the NP

Blueberry patch in Big Meadows

Ranger John explaining difference between meadow and pasture

Remains of root cellar at Mrs. Weakley's house

My first moose sighting??

Rose River Falls

Cascades upriver from Falls

Massanutten House, home of founder of Skyland area of NP

Dusk view of Shenandoah River Valley

Sunset over Geroge Washington National Forest (west of NP)

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Rose River Falls

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Piedmont Valley east of Skyline Drive

(MP4 - 2.39 MB)

Sunset at Shenandoah NP

I went to a ranger-led walk in Big Meadows and heard (not learned) about various pants growing there that would have had to be pulled out before 1936, when the much bigger meadow was a pasture for cows. There were no deer in this NP in 1936 - they had to bring them in! The tour visited the remains of the Weakley family - Mrs. Weakley raised 11 of 12 children to adulthood and knew the value of lots of plants for medicine and even for keeping flies out of her house!

Later, I walked part of the Rose River Falls trail to see the falls. I turned my ankle, but not badly - didn't hurt until I inspected my foot because of a blister when I went to bed.

In the afternoon, I joined the ranger-led talk and tour of the Massanutten house. It was named that because it overlooks the mountain by that name - tells you a lot, eh? The house was built in 1911 for Addie and George Pollack. Addie was a proponent of women's rights and was the first female driver into Skyland. That was the name of the property and resort owned by George. (Notice, I get my idea to name things I have because lots of people do that!) He hosted lots of themed parties at his resort. He lobbied to become a concessionaire for the NP but he didn't get chosen because the park management was afraid of his style.

For late afternoon, I drove to the northern end of the park and back to campsite - just so I'd have that covered. I saw a magnificent sunset from a lookout - I got there just in time!

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