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Wall of guitars at EMP

Wall of guitars at EMP

Wall of guitars at EMP

Space Needle

Floating house thing from Sleepless in Seattle. Never seen it so wouldn't...

Entering the locks.

Lock closing

Water falling...

and falling...

and falling still...

Out in the Pacific, with a view of the city.

June 20/21

Our final day in Seattle, and not even a full one at that but still a fair bit of stuff to fit in!

In the morning we headed up the iconic Space Needle for some great views around the city. When it was built, it was the tallest building in Seattle but is now only the 7th, so certain views were a little more restricted than 40 odd years ago!

After that we visited the Science Fiction Museum and The Experience Music Project, neither of which were particularly great but the EMP redeemed itself with a brilliant Hendrix exhibition. Shame there wasn’t much Nirvana memorabilia though, that would’ve been even better!

In the afternoon, to kill some time, we went on a boat trip which took us through Seattle Harbor and out through the locks into the ocean. Quite sadly, it was really great watching the locks close and the water filter out as the boat sank to sea level and out into the Pacific. A nice way to kill a couple of hours and then back to the hotel.

Having got changed and packed up the cases, we headed to the airport for our overnight flight to Newark and then the early morning one back to Bermuda. And the jetlag and lack of sleep!

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