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Our site at Kruger park

Nice elephant shot

I spotted the first lions on our trip!!!

Lion cubs

Cute elephant shot

Kids on the side of the road

Me and the elephants

What a group!!!




Chris buying firewood

yellow hornbill


Baboon mamma and baby

one of our many dead tree shots

Sunset in the Kruger


Elephant being eaten by vultures and hyena

After several days at Dongola resort we packed up camp to make our way towards our next destination, KRUGER NATIONAL PARK!!!! I was really excited to finally get to see the park that I have heard so much about. We got up early and started down the road. The drive was beautiful along the rolling hills spotted with rondovals (round houses) and there were little huts set up all along the road selling fruit and firewood. We eventually made it to the park (only after stopping to repair a tire on Moglie again!). We went on a nice game drive on the way to our new camp site and of course had to beat feet to make it to the gate before closing and of course had to set up camp in the dark. By this point in the trip we have all become rather proficient at setting up camp and could have just about everything set up in about 15 minutes. It is amazing how time efficient you can be when your stomach is growling. We managed to pick one of the most remote sites in the camp because the boys wanted to be able to hear the hyena's rustling about at night. I didn't hear hyena but I did hear a lot of snoring coming from the boy's tent!! The next three days in the Kruger Park were amazing. I became and official member of the big five club (Lion, leopard, elephant, rhino, buffalo). The Lion spotting was magical. We got up super early to go for a game drive and I just crawled into the back of moglie and went back to sleep while the boys spotted game and woke me up whenever they saw something worth looking at. Just as I started to wake up I had a nice big yawn and a stretch and sleepily opened my eyes just in time to spot the first lion of the trip. What a site!! There was a pride of about 10 lions including four babies. We got to watch them play and nurse and the big daddy walk around a bit. Then about half an hour into watching them a huge herd of elephant came walking down into the river. What an amazing view we had!! I was absolutely thrilled. We went on a night drive one night and us girls were so exhausted and cold that we all cuddled up together and most of us fell asleep until we were woken by a trumpeting elephant preparing to charge us. We weren't actually that worried until our guide stalled the vehicle! Suddenly we were all very awake! On our way out of the park we managed to catch a site of a leopard (the most difficult to find of the big five), and we drove by an elephant carcass being eaten by a ton of vultures and hyena. Our time in Kruger park was amazing, he saw lots of game and had great evenings around the camp stop Blyde River Canyon!

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