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Welcome to Texas

They named a town in Texas after Winnie

Ferrari - One of the few interesting sights on the highway this...

Winnie at the San Jacinto Monument.

USS Texas

Bob, remember our trip to the CHES incinerator?

This was our first day in Texas. We stayed on I10 until we got to the Houston area. I decided to take a detour to see the San Jacinto Battleground historic site and the battleship, USS Texas. For the history buffs, the monument commemorates the 1836 battle that the outnumbered Texas Army defeated the General Santa Ana and Mexican army to gain independence from Mexico. The monument is 567 ft. tall and is the world's tallest stone monument. What else would expect from Texas!

The USS Texas is an old WWI battleship that also saw service in WWII as the flagship for the Normandy invasion. It's the last surviving Dreadnought. I hadn't planned on it, but this is the 5th battleship monument I've seen, the second for this trip.

My plan today was to stop at the monument for lunch and then hit the road again to arrive in the San Antonio area before dark. You know what they say about plans. After walking around the monument, I took a look at Winnie to make sure everything was okay and too my surprise there was a flat tire. So on the phone to Good Sam Emergency Road Service to ask for tire service. After a short wait, help arrived. The only problem was that he was woefully unprepared to change a tire. No jack, no air compressor, no lug wrench. To make matter worse, my spare is under Winnie and the bolt holding the spare tire to the carrier, was rusted so badly that it was nearly impossible to loosen. Using my WD40, my pneumatic wrench, my air compressor, some of my tools, and all of my back, we were able to get the tire out and mounted on Winnie just as dark settled in and the mosquitos began to swarm (we used my Off to help hold them off). It turns out that the flat was from the valve stem extension being cut by the wheel trim ring. It has sharp edges and must have worn through the stainless steel armored hose.

After about 6 hours I was on my way again. I only drove up the road about 20 miles to an RV park for the night. I needed a shower to get the dirt and sweat off.

Tomorrow it's a visit to the tire dealer to see if I can get the flat tire reinflated and mounted back on Winnie. I hope I don't have to replace the tire. I've had enough of that this year. This incident puts me about a half-day behind. Stay tuned.

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