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9/6/2014. Saturday. Humble Pie-My Just Dessert!

Biding Jenny and Kenny a fond farewell, we set off for adventures unknown. Well, they were unknown for approximately 23 minutes at which time I made first of many blunders. I prepared myself the night before by planning our route to the Williamsport KOA in Maryland by studying paper maps. No sooner were we on West Hwy 58 than I missed my first turn northward onto Hwy 47. We traveled about 45 minutes before I could muster the courage to inform the Navigator. Not to worry says she as she swings into action and plots an alternate route north to pick up the missing Hwy 47. I implemented the necessary procedure and headed east and then north. Out of thin air a fork in the road appears, so naturally I take the wrong tine. Not to worry says the controlled Navigator just take the next country road west and we'll pick up 47 as it veers northwest. Yikes! I did it again! Another missed turn and more gentle and calm instructions from the Navigator. Finally, I got it right and we were on the elusive Virginia Scenic Hwy 47 as if I hadn't seen enough of scenic Virginia already. The Navigator in a very calm and controlled voiced said we traveled roughly 75 miles east and west an about 15 miles north!

We intersected with Hwy 29( my original plan) and headed north towards Charlottesville where we would take I64 west to connect with I81 north. Once on 81 it was a breeze until just north of Winchester, Va it started to storm like the dickens to further test my resolve in remaining cool and collected. The rain was pounding making it very difficult to see and, since we were crossing over into West Virginia, that was probably a blessing. I turned on my emergency flashers and poked along at a respectable 45 mph all the while listening to the Navigator talking to me in a calm manner to keep me from flinging myself willy-nilly into the branches of the TREE OF UNMITIGATED PANIC. Lightening began launching bolts of artillery all around us and then suddenly, as we entered into Maryland, a cease fire was enforced.

Well, I did get it right when I executed the agreed upon exit onto Hwy 11 near Williamsport, Md but once again the God Of Wrong Turns cursed me as I progressed through Williamsport and across the Potomac River and back into West Virginia! Will it never end? Once again the Navigator swings into action and gets me back across the river and onto the road leading to KOA. We plan to stay 2 days here to catch up on laundry and various other household chores.

I must now take this time to eat a LARGE helping of Humble Pie. You see, after all the calm and collected efforts proffered by the Navigator, Nice Bill exploded into UGLY BILL when I couldn't get the electricity to work and took out my frustrations on the Navigator. This was very unfair and I hereby swear upon Excaliber my fealty to the Navigator to always be nice to her and to keep my calm regardless of the cruelties that Nature hurls my way. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa!

P.S. The Navigator went to the electrical box and snugged up the plug that had gotten loose when I stepped on the cord. Will the Sun rise tomorrow?

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