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Plaza de Armas in Huaraz


A llama waiting for a taxi

Beautiful Laguna Querococha at 3980m












This dark patch of forest has the shape of Peru



We are going through this very high tunel, and everyone tries to...




Estela Raymondi

Llamas! - guess who took this photo!

The Chavín temple where the Chavín people built complicated underground systems


Altar de Choque Chinchay







Another llama!!
















Obelisco Tello

A close up

A model of Chavín and Matt who we met




After the heat of Lima, Huaraz was a bit of a shock! At over 3000m, it's a bit chilly! We came to acclimatize to the altitude (and temperature!), and get ourselves sorted to go trekking in the Cordillera Blanca - which means we spent a couple of days lazing about, catching colds, and getting headaches going over high-altitude passes to visit a beautiful mountain-reflecting lake, and the architectural site at Chavin. 'Chavín de Huantar' contains ruins and artifacts originally constructed by the Chavin, our earliest pre-Inca culture yet - it was built in around 900 BC(!), and contains amazing underground labyrinth-like tunnels with sticky-out stones where they apparently hung prisoners to be eaten by vampire bats!! On a clear day (and we did have one!), you can see the snow-capped mountains that surround Huaraz - it's beautiful then, and it was a good introduction to the area for us.

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