Rob and Syd's Western Canada and Alaska trip 2012 travel blog

Another view of the Rainbow Glacier

One of the many eagles we spotted along the way.

The Davidson Glacier, a different view

One of the humpback whales we saw, no tail on this guy

Downtown Juneau

Mendenhall Glacier outside Juneau

A historic lighthouse along the route

A group of seals on the rocks near the lighthouse

This is how we spot the whales, their blow

We got tail on this one

This was our tour boat as it heads towards Skagway

Day 88, Saturday, July 21, 2012

We woke up to the crows tap dancing on the roof this morning. We had to be up early to get to the boat dock by 8:30 anyway. We got on a little catamaran and headed south to Juneau. It was a little cloudy but still pleasant. The scenery was great and the water in some places was emerald green. Apparently we are at the peak of some type of algae bloom which gives the water this color. I think the captain said the water is generally about 2,000 feet deep. We went over one spot that was only 240 feet deep. A nearby glacier fed river spills into the Inlet right there bringing in a lot of silt that has built up over the years. Eventually, it will probably choke off the channel. But not anytime soon. We saw some Stellar sea lions, a few porpoises and I saw a whale but the captain missed it. When we docked in Juneau, a bus drove us downtown and dropped us off for some free time. We walked around and had lunch at a place called The Hangar. Then the bus driver picked us up again and drove us out to Mendenhall Glacier. This one has receded a lot in the past few years too. It terminates in a lake that has big ice bergs floating in it. There’s a huge waterfall right next to the glacier. Then it was back on the boat for the ride home. We saw a couple more whales along the way.

Tomorrow, we leave Alaska for the final time. We should be in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory tomorrow night. I’m still not sure about our phone service in Canada. I guess we will see.

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