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April 4, 2010

We were finally leaving NZ today to return tomorrow (!) but our flight wasn’t until 4pm. Given it was Easter Sunday even less stuff was open than on Good Friday! We got up and had little to do as we’d already packed our stuff last night and so at check-out time we headed downstairs and had a nice, relaxed breakfast. By midday we were both bored so we decided to head to the airport and grab some lunch there.

Our shuttle bus driver was very chatty and from him we found out that Christchurch has a departure tax of $25 per person. After budgeting the last few days so carefully that we had no money left, this now meant we’d have to get more out. Thankfully, we aren’t paying charges to withdraw money in NZ but it is just a pain.

The time at the airport and the 3 hour flight to Sydney were easy enough. The flight was with Pacific Blue again and they provide no entertainment for free so I was glad we both had books and fully-charged iPods to keep us amused. At Sydney, we caught the shuttle bus to the hotel and had a nice, comfortable night in a proper hotel. It could be our last decent night for a while! We ordered delivery pizza for dinner and we ended up getting two – the first turned up lukewarm so they delivered a second one. Of course, we still ate most of the first one!

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