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Cool items

Free Samples..

Jerry with his hair net, ready for the tour..

Our awesome guide...

She took us all to the kitchen first..

Huge cooking pots..


Hot candy being poured into the pan

Next stop was the wrapping & packing room..

It was a cool tour..

The finished product..

Jerry picking out our Orchard Bars..

Last one!

We are in the little town of Cashmere, WA. We are taking a tour of the Aplets & Cotlets Candy Store owned by Liberty Orchards.

Liberty Orchards was founded by two enterprising Armenian immigrants who settled in the little town of Cashmere, located in the heart of the Washington State orchard country.

In 1920 they created Aplets, made with apples and walnuts grown in local orchards. That original idea has expanded to the full line of fruit-and-nut candies and fine food gifts that you'll find at We totally enjoyed shopping in the store and tasting some of the free samples.

After shopping, they gave us hair nets to put on for the candy making tour. They showed us the kitchen with the huge cooking pots first, then we watched how the machines help the very busy people complete the process of wrapping and packing. I could not help but think of Lucy from the "I Love Lucy Show" when I saw how fast they have to wrap and pack. :-)

Once you finish the tour you are taken back into the shopping area. We bought a couple packs of the new Orchard Bars. They are both nutritious and delicious and only 100 calories each. We were not familiar with this company before, but will certainly buy their products from now on. It was an awesome tour with great products and the cost was free.

Check back later for more from Washington.

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