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The cordoned off Taj Mahal Hotel

One of the burnt out window in the Taj Hotel

India Gate

Yachting club colonial relic

Prince of Wales museum

Old victorian college - anyone would think we were back in the...

Flora fountain

High Court

Playing cricket on the Maiden Oval

Chowpatty Beach

Chowpatty beach

We were not expecting much of Mumbai - just another huge big hot dirty city. So we were actually quite surprised to find the most western city we had been in, in India. It had footpaths for a start and they were not full of parked motorbikes so you did not have to walk on the road with all the other traffic, and not every person was trying to drag you into his shop.

We only had two days here before flying back to NZ so did not do much - just a few walks in 35 degrees heat, before retiring to our air-conditioned hotel room. The first day, we went down to India Gate which is just opposite the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel - where the recent terror attacks were. As expected, there was quite a strong police prescence there and most of the area was cordoned off. It is a pretty huge fancy building though.

The rest of the afternoon we wandered past many huge old colonial english buildings - some of the time we thought we were actually back in the UK! The High Court building was particularly impressive and it faced onto the 'Oval Maiden', a huge expanse of dry grass with about 10 cricket games going on. It was there that a dog came bounding up to us as if he knew us and continued to follow us for the next 2kms down the road - we eventually lost her in an underground tunnel!

The only other thing we did whilst here was to go for a rather hot stroll down Chowpatty beach - Mumbai is on a peninsular that juts into the sea. Apparently the water is very toxic but that did not stop some of the locals from swimming there. It's actually quite a nice beach so its a shame you couldn't swim there.

After having our last curries, we now head for home....

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