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Monday, March 16, 2009.

Yosemite Lakes Thousand Trails

A Quiet Day In Camp

Today was spent catching our breath from the past couple weeks. Tom had to work but Jonathan and Deb just caught up on things around the RV. Deb made out bills, made a few phone calls and did her online training for becoming a Lone Scout Leader. Jonathan slept late today, played some games and just relaxed.

We talked back and forth several times with the Evans, the friends that are going to meet us here on Friday. They are only going to be able to stay for the weekend because there's no phone signal in the campground. Vern's phone has to be working in order for him to be able to work so they may have to make alternate plans. We emailed and talked back and forth during the day. We may have come up with an alternative plan. When we found out that the '03 Yukon isn't recommended for chains on the tires it kind of squelched the idea of us purchasing any to drive up into the higher parts of the park. No sense in tearing up the truck so we'll see what we all come up with by the end of the day tomorrow.

Jonathan and I are going to go to the Visitor's Center to check a few things out so we'll see what we find out. Besides, I have to get my Jr. Ranger book! (I found out at Scotty's Castle in Death Valley that adults can do the Jr. Ranger program too so I'm collecting Jr. Ranger badges as well. We'll see how many of them we can collect between the two of us.)

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