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Leave Cuzco at 2 pm, 20+ hr. bus ride!!

On Cruz del Sur bus line (tourist/luxury), very comfortable...I even slept some. While it was still light out we saw fantastic vistas! High Andies mtns. and deep valleys with wonderful rivers flowing thru them! So much of our Peruvian travels has been up and over these mtns that you begin to take them for granted, but this ride was just exceptional. It's so sad that few companies offer daytime travel over these mtns! I did not take any pics this time just enjoyed since the pics just don't convey the beauty of it all! This was our last time in the Andies, now heading via plane to Iquitos and the Amazon.

Before departing we mailed a box back home, last for quite awhile. I have gotten used to seeing all the indigenous women selling their goods along the streets and markets so much so that I forget they are actually quite unique. Always working on something with their hands, be it spinning wool or knitting or weaving or just taking care of their kids (both human and sheep - actually, lambs, ha! or they will have a llama with them for picture opps).

Now in Lima at Flying Dog Hostel again, seems this place is kinda like home.

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