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Black Bear and Cub

Ed's Bird Photo

Bison Closeup

Cinnamon Teal pair

Cinnamon Teal Drake

Coot Swimming

Grizzly Running


Great Horned Owl Stretching

Mom and one Fledgling

Great Horned Owl

Ruddy Duck Drake with blue bill!

Ruddy Duck Pair

Ruddy ducks at play

Sand Hill Crane on nest

Crane watching the Coot

Coot in Shore Grasses

Lesser Scaup pair

We extended our stay in Gardiner one day to go back to YNP. We heard about an area where you could see wolves and pups and also a lake with a sand hill crane on a nest and other birds at the lake. We did not get the early start we wanted, as we did some work before we left. We went to Mammoth Hot Springs to check on the owls and get a picture of mom. She was there and we did get her picture.

We then headed east towards Tower-Roosevelt. Along the way Ed spotted a Grizzly going up a slope across the ravine. We pulled over, grabbed the cameras and started taking photos. We also got out the spotting scope to look for him after he went behind some large rocks. Before we were through we had about 10 cars stopped along the road watching with us and taking photos.

We continued on to Floating Island Lake which was right next to the road. We saw the sand hill crane on her nest on the small island. We also saw coots, ruddy ducks (males have bright blue bills) and cinnamon teals. We had a lot of fun here and spent over an hour looking through binoculars and spotting scope and taking pictures.

We continued on to Slough Creek in the Lamar Valley to see the wolves. There were several people set up with spotting scopes and telephoto cameras but they had not seen the wolves in a while. The weather was starting to get worse with some rain so we decided to leave without seeing the wolves.

On the way back we decided to take a ¼ mile drive off the road to see a petrified tree. As we were going back the narrow road with no shoulders, several cars were stopped on the road. There was a black bear with a cub across a small creek. We stopped on the road and started taking pictures. There were cars stopped so the road from both directions and the road was totally blocked. After a while we got back in the truck and were able to get through the traffic. After turning around at the petrified tree, we headed back out on the road. On the way out, there was a moose spotted near where the bear was located and we were able to get some moose pictures. We now had seen and photographed all the large animals in YNP except a wolf. We returned to the trailer about 4 pm and had a working evening down loading photos and getting caught up for moving day.

Saturday we packed up for moving day and set out for White Sulphur Springs about 10 am. We made the trip back down to Livingston along the Yellowstone River. We had lunch at the local café we visited when our windshield was replaced. Owner was very friendly and we enjoyed the food and service. After lunch we continued north on Highway 89 and were at the Conestoga Campground (Coast to Coast & RPI) by 2:30 pm. A nice campground with good views of mountains all around. We could return and stay here for several weeks. Owners are friendly and are doing a good job of upgrading an old park. We are here for 3 to 5 days before going to Missoula.

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