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Crossing into Bolivia

We certainly think the Bolivian side of Lake Titikaka is a lot...

Sunset over Copacabana

Copacabana is a bit touristy but we like it


Going for a row on the lake (Tara wanted to row! -...

All he ever does is relax!!

He really thought he was going to get away without rowing


People here dress up their cars to be blessed by the Priest

The very unusual Cathedral

The Priest blessing the car

The Priest blessing the driver

Good business for the flowers and decorations sellers - the blessing occur...

These men were very proud of their bus, and bought drinks to...

The view from the hill next to Copacabana (a lot nicer than...

Life is so hard

Tara sketching Isla del Sol (the sun island for the Incas)


The view of Copacabana







A beautiful sunset over the lake





The indigenous ladies in Bolivia play football in full traditional dress



Another amazing sunset

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Nice view

(MP4 - 918 K)

That's where we are going to walk tomorrow (to Yampupata)

The border crossing was easy, the bus journeys short, and Copacabana very relaxed and with gorgeous lake views - getting here was a pleasure! It's definitely tourist-ready, but we didn't mind at all - we loved eating trout, watching the local ladies playing football in their full skirts, drinking fresh juices as the sun set over the lake, and relaxing in the laid-back hippy atmosphere. Not a bad start to Bolivia!!

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